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The Itatiaia National Park

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The Itatiaia Park is the oldest national park of Brazil, created on June 14, 1937 by the then President Getulio Vargas.
Located at the Mantiqueira Mountain Range, the Itatiaia National Park includes part of the municipalities of Itatiaia and Resende in Rio de Janeiro state, and Bocaina de Minas and Itamonte in Minas Gerais state. It is near the President Dutra highway, half way from Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo cities and next to the economic center of Resende.

The park relief is mountainous and characterized by rocky formations, with altitude between 540-2791 m, and at its highest point is the peak of the Black Needles (Agulhas Negras).

In Itatiaia Plateau region, also known as "Upper Part", are the high fields and hanging valleys where there are several river sources. In the Park area are the origins of 12 major regional river basins, which supply two main basins: Rio Grande (Grand River), an affluent of the Paraná River, and the Paraíba do Sul River, the most important of Rio de Janeiro.

The "Lower Part" has an exuberant Atlantic Forest vegetation and generous water courses, with several natural pools and waterfalls where swimming is permitted. It has easy access from the Via Dutra highway and is the part that receives the largest number of tourists. It is where are located the park head quarters and most of the visitation structure, especially the Visitor Center.