Actions taken in 2013

The Ecologic Corredor Project in Jalapao Region (JICA) have carried out a series of planning workshops from February to September in four target municipalities, namely, Ponte Alta, São Felix, Mateiros and Rio da Conceição in jalapao region. The workshops aim at capacity development of Municipal Environmental Council and Secretariat of Environment and Tourism (SoET) at Municipality in terms of how to conduct planning, implementation and monitoring of Municipal Environmental Management Plan. Through the workshops, Council and SoET have successfully elaborated two municipal environmental plans called 'Plano de Acao Ambiental Municipal' for 5-years master plan and 'Plano de Trabalho Annual 2013' as annual action plan of 5years master plan. Five years plan presents the vision, program, project for the next 5 years in environmental management of the municipality. Annual plan indicates the environmental activities of 2013 with the financial resource from ICMS-Ecologico/Ecological Value Added Tax. It means that this annual plan will be also the management plan of ICMS-Ecologico for municipality in terms of 'how to use ICMS-Ecologico for which environmental activities'.

These two environmental plans assure that municipality conducts the environmental activity strategically for the next five years, and annual environmental action with financial resource.

In the last workshop in August-September, the Project conducted the monitoring workshop at municipal level. In the workshop, Council and Secretariat of Environment and Tourism have learnt how to monitor the implementation of 'Annual Environmental Action Plan in 2013 (Plano de Trabalho Annual de Meio Ambiente 2013)'. Moreover, 'how often the monitoring should be carried out in a year', 'who carries out the monitoring survey' and 'how to approve the monitoring report by Municipality (prefetura) and Camara' were discussed. The first result of monitoring survey will be presented to population in the public seminar at Municipality by Council and Secretariat of Environment and Tourism in Municipality in the end of September.

The below is the 5 years environmental management plan and annual environmental action plan 2013 in Rio da Conceição, as example.

Part of Environmental Master Plan in Rio da Conceicao

tabela 1

Part of Annual Environmental Action Plan 2013 in Rio da Conceicao

Tabela 2


Autor: James Possapp.