What we do

The National Parks, as defined by the National Protected Areas System (SNUC), have basic objectives which are the preservation of natural ecosystems of great ecological significance and scenic beauty, enabling scientific research and the development of educational activities and environmental interpretation, recreation in contact with nature and ecological tourism (Law 9.985 / 2000).

Considering these objectives and guidelines established institutionally by the Ministry of Environment and by ICMBio, we work to reconcile the protection of the Itatiaia National Park with projects and activities that promote scientific research, environmental education and public visitation in order to seek a greater involvement and better between the society and the Protected Areas.

Through our Consultative Council and its Technical Chambers, various segments of society have demonstrated that their connection with the Park goes far beyond the simple use of their natural attributes, contributing decisively to the development and implementation of key projects for the First Brazil National Park to reach their goals and be a positive reference to other protected areas.